US Must Control Borders


Moises Castillo, AP

Benjamin Galindo, Website Manager

Immigration in the United States has become an increasing issue in recent years, especially regarding our southern border. The issue has slowly been building up to the point that we are now in a national debate over a group of people marching to our country right now. A caravan, mostly of people from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and is growing every day. At this current point, they are moving through Mexico, but are quickly approaching the US border; a crisis close to setting in if something is not decided upon. It is my belief that these people will sadly have to be turned away for the protection of our sovereignty, and we should not accept them just to cause issues.

Our country has just as much right to control our border as any other country in the world. One of the main parts of being a sovereign nation in control of the border. If these people are accepted, they will not be the last caravan. Many more people will follow them in large groups hoping for access into the country, and it will become an issue every time.

We also cannot accept over 7200 people (UN estimate) at once. That is an outrageous amount of people to have running through US streets when there has already been reports of them clashing with police (NY Post). This can easily cause issues when they pile into cities together, and they try to get jobs. There is also worries of terrorists, drugs, and criminals using the caravan to get into the country. Many of those people can not be let in for the safety of the average citizen.

I’ve heard many people say that we can not just let them come all this way and not be accepted. I believe they should have known the risk when they left their country for ours. We can’t let in every group of people who show up demanding entry. We would no longer be a country at that point.

The migrant caravan has too many variables that cannot be trusted. This includes the large amount of people and the fact more caravans could appear in the future. I believe we will sadly have to turn the caravan away. The safety of the US people and the US as a whole requires so.