Technology is Fine with Balance

Norriel Barnes, Reporter

Technology provides a way to interact with people who you would never be able to interact with under any other circumstance. Social platforms, provided on the internet, give people a chance to form and find communities of people who share similar views and beliefs.

Technology is not meant to replace face-to-face interactions, but sometimes it happens.  When a healthy balance is found between the two, no harm is done. Many people assume that technological interactions are the only interactions teens have, but one’s involvement in technology does not alter their human interactions.

“Whether or not people are adopting social media use tells us nothing about how much they visit friends and relatives, talk on the phone [with others],” University of Kansas professor, Jeffrey Hall, said.

While it may seem that an increase of online involvement would decrease physical communication, the two are not codependent. Isolation has many causes, but technology is not a factor.

“People [compare] what they perceive as a not-great use of their time with what their ideal self would be doing,” Hall said, but in reality, “they’re not generally going to be doing that anyway.”