Freshmen Discuss High School Stereotypes

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Freshmen Discuss High School Stereotypes

Leonardo Ariza, Reporter

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I had the opportunity to interview freshmen after their first month of high school. I wanted to collect answers for very stereotypical questions and see how they would answer.  My freshman year was normal in my opinion, and I didn’t have any issues. I pretty much knew everybody since my brother was a senior and we look pretty much alike, so many people would come up to me and ask me if we are related.

Freshman Yeraldy Rico was intimidated about going into high school. Rico expected that upperclassmen would be mean.

“They told us in middle school that the upperclassmen were mean and that we would lose a lot of friends,” Rico said. “They would also tell us that we would have nowhere to sit at lunch, which kind of scared me.”

Other freshmen were also intimidated by older students based on anecdotes from middle school and dramatizations on TV.

“With all the hallway traffic I thought I would bump into an upperclassman, and they might punch me in the face,” freshman Obed Lopez said. “They are bigger and smarter and some of them are more muscular.”

While some students were nervous about high school, others were not.

“I mean, there’s jokes but everybody is cool, you know? So if you need help you can always go to somebody,” freshman Karan Randhawa said. “Everything is the same as middle school because I usually know everybody. I feel like everybody is equal.”

Along with Randhawa, freshman Kiddra Harper shared the same feelings.

“I wasn’t really scared. I know a lot of upperclassmen, especially seniors,” Harper said. “I think everybody is kind of equal.”

After interviewing several freshman many of them had mixed emotions regarding high school. There were several freshman that came in with no older friends and were very intimidated, but there were other freshmans who already had friends in high school and felt comfortable. To make students who are entering high school worry less upperclassmen should introduce themselves more often.