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Should the number of refugees allowed in the country be adjusted or capped?

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November 7, 2018

Before leaving office, President Obama raised the immigration ceiling to 110,000. According to the New York Times, “President Trump plans to cap the number of refugees that can be resettled in the United States next year at 30,000,” a drop of 15,000 following Trump’s decrease to 45,000 when he took office.

Raise the Cap to 50k

The refugee cap is currently at an all time low of 30,000. The Trump Administration says that this is in the best interest of the United States, but will this damage us in the future?

The current refugee cap should be raised to 50,000, so we can accept more refugees into the United States.

Refugees are often escaping from dangerous situations in their homeland. The United States is one of the safest places to be in current times. If we keep the refugee cap low, many lives could be lost in these bad conditions.

These refugees also hold important positions within our society. Albert Einstein, Bela Bartok, Joseph Brodsky, and people who are the brains and entertainers of our society were refugees. Keeping the refugee cap will prevent brilliant minds from reaching their full potential.

People who are against raising the refugee cap will say that these refugees are not essential, but this is not true. We would not have some of the things we have today without these minds. Why would we prohibit minds such as those from seeking safety?

We must raise the refugee cap to 50,000 in order to keep inspiration in our world.

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Keep the Cap

For years, refugees have been coming to America for a better life, and, in some cases, to escape war. Conversations on whether or not they should be allowed to come to this country has risen.

I believe the cap on refugees should remain the same because there is already so much going on in the United States.

America has been in chaos due to school shootings, police brutality, and protests which have led to many deaths. Allowing more people to come into the country will just add to the list of problems.

Additionally, some of these refugees could be terrorists and the United States already has a history with terror attacks. This country has already lost so many lives and we should not risk losing more.

Many people believe that we should raise the cap because there is a lot wrong with the world and we can help. Although it is a good idea to help, there is a safer way to do it. We could easily go to their country, not bring them to us and risk starting war  in our country.

The cap on Refugees coming to America should not be increased because our people come first.

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