Students Express Themselves through Parking Lot Painting

Kristen Orsak, Opinion Editor

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National Honor Society hosted a fundraiser that allowed juniors and seniors to buy a parking spot and paint it on October 6 and October 7.

“I got the idea from seeing it at Nacogdoches High School,” National Honor Society Sponsor Susan Penick said. “I have a friend that is the sponsor of the National Honor Society in Nacogdoches. She told me it was a great fundraiser and brought pride to the campus. I was impressed and couldn’t wait to do it.”

In this fundraiser, students are allowed to purchase and paint a parking spot of their choice with guidelines set by Officer Pete Low and school administration. The fundraiser allows kids to show who they are in a fun way.

“It is $30 for a ‘new spot’,” Penick said. “and $25 if spot was previously painted.”

The parking spot fundraiser helps the National Honor Society program raise money for the NHS Induction Banquet in the spring.

“I loved having the chance to express my interests here at school,” junior Kelsey Adair said. “I painted my parking spot to show all of the stuff I do. I like showing who I am here at school.”

No matter how much school spirit you have, you can definitely participate in this fundraiser.

“I don’t usually do stuff like this,” junior Beyonce Bell said. “I did this one because I wanted to have my own place to park, and I wanted it to show who I am. I think this is a good way for us to do that.”

Only juniors and seniors with valid parking passes from Officer Low are allowed to purchase a parking spot. This gives underclassmen something to look forward to.

“I think it would be a fun experience,” sophomore Kennedy Bush said. “I will probably do a monogram or a scripture.”