All About Socks

For the last year at Center High School, a boy was hiding his true self in fear of his socks being ruined. The days at school were bland with no way for him to express himself. Whenever he was brave and wore his actual socks, the hardship in athletics would ruin them. The only time he would be able to express himself would be when there was no school. However, with the ending of his time in athletics, he will finally be able to show himself off with amazing socks.

Socks have been something he loved to dress up with since his time in middle school at another district. While at his school, he wasn’t allowed to express himself with his clothes. Due to the school being extremely strict, he had to be careful as to what he wore not have to wear a jumpsuit. So, instead, he had to express himself in other ways. He wore under his boring uniform some amazing and beautiful socks. This made middle school more intriguing and made him feel special.

This is All About Socks, with me, Joshua Clark. Every week I will provide a montage and some random tidbit about 3 socks in my collection. If you would like me to review your socks or want to ask me questions, email me at [email protected]

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